Career vs Job: Follow your passion

You can turn a job into a career.

Does your work actually reflects your field of interest and your education or is it just the money? If you have education, experience, and a job in the same field that means you have got a career. A job can just create a paycheck on monthly basis but a career means you are actually advancing in your roles and responsibilities. The real question is if your education is getting you somewhere with a proper plan and with you knowing where you are heading or it's just you changing jobs with no plan for the future.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What needs to considered when choosing a career?

Choosing a career can be the most difficult thing to do while making sure that it reflects your interests and you make a good living out of it. The first and foremost question will be: Do I actually enjoy this? If you are not interested in the job itself then it can never be the best career choice for you. What you enjoy the most working on can be the best question which can help you to find your interest. If you chose a career that aligns with your passions then the chances of your success increase manifolds because then you will enjoy doing your job.

If you have a passion for something skills can always come. A person who is passionate will always have quick learning power and will acquire the skills faster than a person who lacks passion.

How to choose a job that is right for you?

Once you have a figured out your passions and know a career that interests you, the next step will be creating a roadmap. Think about what skills do you need? Will it need a degree or some certifications will be enough. Do a research about the future market. You do not want to start a career in something that can be fully automated in the next 5 years. It’s not cliché to make your dreams a reality but always make sure you have the right resources in place and you have done proper research before you start doing something. It is always possible to find a job that aligns with your interests and that can be your career for years to come.